Structural Design

The integrity of your structure may be the most obvious and most important piece of your project, whatever its size or scope. From the foundation to the roof, to window and door lentals, our structural engineers craft creative solutions that seamlessly integrate your aesthetic, site-specific considerations, and your budget. We work closely with architects to choose materials that are best suited for your project, address safety concerns, and meet all required codes. We help you anticipate how your structure might be utilized in the future and incorporate options for expansion into our design.

We have extensive experience in the restoration of historic buildings. Current regulations for these projects, coupled with the condition of older structures, can create a complex process, especially with buildings intended for public use. We’ve established a record of success in bringing aging buildings up to code and into compliance, while preserving historical integrity. Our approach puts the highest priority on safety, while also addressing creative building solutions, ease of maintenance, and budget considerations.