Other Services

Ruggiano Engineering offers clients a range of additional services, based on project needs and requirements.


Our engineers work closely with surveyors to accurately map your site: including its boundaries, scale, land features, and development challenges. The final survey data becomes the basis for our site planning and design.

Landscape Architecture

Includes the planning, design, and implementation of landscaping to meet practical and aesthetic goals. We handle small landscaping projects in-house, while larger projects necessitate a specialized consultant dedicated to your project.

Traffic Studies

Some commercial or industrial projects may require the study of traffic generation, specific intersections, and the potential impacts of development on traffic flow. Traffic studies enable our engineers to rate a given intersection, and determine what changes, if any, are needed to maintain or improve the existing level of service. We work directly with traffic experts to evaluate impacts and necessary improvements for large projects.

Wetland Delineations

The accurate delineation of wetland areas is a critical component of site design on some properties. Wetland classification in these instances determines the legal protection and development regulations that apply to these areas.

Large-scale Site Lighting Design

Large commercial and industrial projects may be subject to strict regulations and standards. Our engineers work closely with lighting experts to design appropriate lighting for the site’s intended use.

Acoustical Engineering

Certain construction projects may require a preliminary noise study, particularly those involving blasting, rock crushing, or other audible disturbances. Our engineers work with experts and rely on these studies to present solutions that will control noise during construction and quarry activities.