Site Design

Water Supply

Ruggiano Engineering designs residential, commercial, municipal and industrial systems as well as water supply systems for large developments.

We manage extensive regulatory compliance and permitting processes for all of our water supply systems. We also oversee the constuction of the system we design and certify to the appropriate agencies.

Wastewater Design

Ruggiano Engineering has earned the reputation of designing wastewater systems that exceed state and federal water quality standards. We prepare and submit all appropriate permit applications and supporting materials.

We oversee the construction of the approved system and offer operator services.

Stormwater Design

Due to their complexity, most stormwater design projects require multiple permitting phases. This suits our experience and reputation as among the best in successfully completing these projects.

Ruggiano Engineering uses HydroCAD and other computer models which, along with experience, gives us a final product publicly recognized by the state of Vermont as a “state-of-the-art system.”

We can develop a comprehensive sediment and pollutant loading analysis, map peak discharge and runoff, model surface profiles and runoff routing, and evaluate floodplains and storm sewer capacity.


Ruggiano Engineering, Inc. asks the questions and does the research to ensure that your property and your project are the right fit.

We review all local and municipal ordinances to determine site suitability.

Questions of zoning, environmental impact, and historic preservation concerns are all addressed promptly and thoroughly.
We troubleshoot all potential issues before they arise in dealing with the various permitting processes.