Our Services

Civil engineering is more than site blueprints and mathematical calculations – it is a complex web of consulting services including: architectural and geotechnical engineering, design-build, construction management, water and wastewater system operations, environment and sustainability, road and utility infrastructure, water management, transportation systems, facilities, and permitting.

At Ruggiano Engineering, we have the full range of skills in-house to take your project from start to finish. Our civil engineering expertise spans residential to commercial to industrial and municipal. We’ve worked with families to make sure the water flowing through their kitchen faucet was clean and clear, and developed wastewater and stormwater management plans for a 500-person office complex in an impaired watershed. Whether you’re a private homeowner, or a residential, commercial, or industrial developer, when you work with Ruggiano Engineering, you have access to experienced engineers and a strong support team that ensures that you get what you need when you need it. Our site-appropriate solutions will meet your project goals and save you time and money.