Northwestern Counseling & Support Services

This project involved comprehensive civil and structural engineering services, provided by REI. Site design included site curbing and sidewalks, including extension of a cross-country sidewalk to connect the new 22,210 sq. ft. building with their existing facility across Vermont Route 104. The project also involved a multi-faceted stormwater collection and treatment system, including a series of catch basins, storm drains, infiltration trench, detention pond, and a stormwater offset. The offset, designed to ensure a ‘net zero’ increase in sediment and pollutant runoff for the project, consisted of collecting and treating existing runoff from Vermont Route 104 using a grass swale. Permitting for the offset required the cooperative efforts of the Vermont Stormwater Section, VTrans, the client, contractor and construction manager and was facilitated by REI. Construction review services have included acting as the project’s On-Site Plan Coordinator, documenting construction progress and monitoring stormwater discharges from the construction site.