Environmental Engineering

Contributing to a healthy environment is one of our core values. We offer a range of services to assess and manage any environmental issues present on your property.

Our Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s), in accordance with ASTM or EPA due diligence standards, help us determine the nature and extent of environmental hazards on your site. If hazardous materials exist, the site inspection will determine whether it has been caused by the release of industrial solvents, PCBs, gasoline, or other petroleum-based chemicals. Once we know what substances are present, we sample soil, water, and air to assess the scope of the contamination and its impact on sensitive receptors in the immediate area, such as streams, soil, and neighboring properties.

When remediation is necessary, we design and implement a comprehensive, site-specific approach, and oversee the installation and operation of the cleanup strategy — whether it’s groundwater extraction, aeration, or a microbial solution. Environmental site assessments also let us predict any on-going or future costs potentially associated with contamination clean up. The broad-based expertise of our staff allows us to be targeted and accurate in our assessment, recommendations, and implementation of remediation strategies.